Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finding Thetas!!

OK, 14% of my pledge class has now reunited on Facebook. I'd love to get a bunch more of us on there - it's so much fun to catch up with each other, exchange photos etc. even though we are located all over the US. As you might know, the last few years I've been looking a lot for people and have found 20-30. Well it's time to go through the list and re-confirm contact information. Would be great to get everyone in one place so we can keep up. I don't think people want to stay hidden so much as they don't have warm fuzzies or time to set up on Facebook. I can tell you that I'm not getting tons of emails though either. Recently some LSU Thetas from the 90s had a reunion right in the same town I live in Dallas area! Dang youngsters, I was too old to join them, wouldn't have known them anyway. But if they could do it, we should be able to! That's why Facebook has been great. For those who are skittish, you only share the information you want to share, nothing if that's what you want. And it's only shared with people you approve. Well, I shall continue to find everyone just to say Hi and to let you know you're missed. : )

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