Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wow! New Year! New President!

No, I haven't been asleep since Halloween - quite the contrary. Went with family to NYC for Christmas (yeah, it was flippin' cold) and I've got a new job at work (same employer) so I've been super busy... but I finally GRADUATED with my Bachelor's degree in December! I left LSU after 4 years and didn't ever finish a program. Texas A&M-Commerce has a Bachelor program with all-online classes, so I got that little chore done!! Can't believe I did that - took 2 years solid, every semester. Now I've got personal goals like re-learning web design and getting through a bunch of books. I've had great fun finding people through my Facebook profile-I'm up to 4 LSU Thetas that have reconnected with me there. I wish more of my 70s sisters were there! We'd have a great time posting photos and catching up. I don't get a lot of response from emails...are we all really too busy to drop a line every now and then? I am so happy to have found y'all - just want you to know I care about how you are doing. : )

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