Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flashbacks...on a roll...

3 of us are strolling down memory lane...thought I'd bring out my most recent comment on the Flashbacks discussion up front here - feel free to add!

OK here are my picks for bests in BR while we were at LSU:

Gumbo: Ruby's
Pizza: Fleur de Lis
Gin & Tonics, Juke Box, secret place to eat in the back: Cotton Club
Sandwiches made by cute guys: Caterie

Y'all remember the old Ruby's? A dive under an overpass...walk in, almost totally dark, smoky from food...write your own ticket...Big Bertha burgers...

Quick! When I say these names, what do you think of:
Der Wienerschnitzel
Round the Corner
Kwik & Thick - what was the name of that milkshake place? Think I called it Kwik & Fat
Sans Souci


shan Maika said...

Yes! I don't think I've had better seafood gumbo than what they served at Ruby's.

Yes, I loved going to "The Fluer"- they got the crust just how I like it. I remember with your bottle of beer, they'd bring a little glass to pour it into and drink from- you just don't see stuff like that anymore. I was there once (probably with a bunch of Thetas) and I guess it was getting late so I got up to leave. I walked over to the door, turned around and waved and yelled a big "goodbye everybody!", opened the door and walked through. Well, I'd just walked into the men's room. Of course, I immediately walked back out to a room full of people laughing their heads off- guess maybe I'd had one or two beers too many... :)

Regarding drinks- The Brass Rail had bourbon and coke for a quarter on Friday afternoons. (Whoooo.) They had all those claw-footed bathtubs outside that you could sit in- fun times.

Lisa Smith said...

Fleur de Lis: I only remember the pizza crust and that it was rectangular. Having grown up in Shrevesville with only Pizza Hut pizza, that was seriously avant garde stuff for me! I don't know it's ever been topped since then!

Sam/Sharon said...

What fun to hear from THE Lisa Smith. Sharon Arnett here, or as I think you knew me then, Sam Johnson. My youngest child is a freshman at LSU this year so I've been to Baton Rouge 4 times this year and am headed for the LSU/Ole Miss game in November - reliving my youth. Living in Boca Raton, Florida for the last 23 years! And yes, I'm 50, too.
Sam Johnson, Delta Kappy pledge class 1976.